Our team is connected by our love of personal growth. We all share a deep passion for learning and helping each other reach our potential. We are spread  around the world but collaborate intimately together.
Affinity Space Team

Our mission

Every assumption we made a generation ago about work—where it's done, by whom, for how long and in what way—is being challenged.

Artificial intelligence, automation, the gig economy and an increasingly remote workforce are reshaping the nature of work and disrupting traditional organisations as we know them.

We spend years in education preparing for our careers. But once we’re settled in work, we de-prioritise exploring, creating and optimising our own transformation and growth.

We believe that your organisation’s time and energy is best spent on achieving its strategic goals - not sifting through repetitive outdated corporate training programs that offer minimal results.

That’s why we create neuroscience-based, future-focused learning experiences, that have the latest techniques to optimise the mindset, growth and wellbeing of your employees.

Essentially, we bulletproof your workforce, so both they and your business can have a better future.
Our mission is to equip your people with the skills they need to realise their potential in a constantly changing world.

Team members

Matt Dichiera

Australian. Pro-Vegemite. Gnocchi and Guinness Enthusiast. Won’t be found in climates < 25c. Advocate of the power of psychological safety

Dario Talluto

Sicilian. Won't allow pineapple on pizza, but will indulge in an Aperol Spritz (or 2). Curious explorer who is always learning something new

Operations Manager
Yasia Danyluk

Ukrainian. Making stress my friend long before it became mainstream. Coffee and cheesecake addict. Lifelong learning promoter

Business Development Manager
Irene Beno

Born to (be famous) (travel the world) live in Lviv. Yoga, Ski and Apres Ski. In Prosecco veritas.

Chloe Tseung

Leadership facilitator and executive coach specialising in senior leadership

Head of Wellbeing
Christian Ferragamo

Award-winning organisational psychologist. Resilience, Wellbeing and Leadership Facilitator

Hayley Pedrick

Functional medicine practitioner. Resilience facilitator, executive coach and nutrition & sleep expert

Luis Gonzáles

Leadership facilitator and executive coach specialising in cross-cultural communication

Daniel Tuitt

Innovation facilitator. Focusing on design thinking, collaborative working and change management

Ines Diogo

Leadership facilitator and executive coach specialising in emotional intelligence

Julie Alexander - Bingham

Business performance and people change specialist. Leadership facilitator culture change specialist

Board member & Advisor
David Cotton

Renowned international trainer and speaker (> 50 countries) and multi award-winning author

Ally Jones

Leadership expert and facilitator specialising in executive coaching and human-focused development

Enan Chou

Human skills specialist and leadership facilitator specialising in DEI and senior leader development

Andrew Jones

Leadership development expert, facilitator, and executive coach. Specialising in the Asian market

Lena Nasiakou

Leadership facilitator and executive coach specialising in the art of facilitation.

Sarah Campbell-Watts

People development specialist and leadership facilitator. Specialises in retreats in southern Africa

Yuko Gendo

Leadership and human skills facilitator specialising in cross-culture communication and DEI

Nina Rayburn

Human skills facilitator specialising in leadership development and change management.

Sarah Raccuglia

Human skills and leadership facilitator specialising in the skills needed in the future of work

Emily Koolen

Senior leadership facilitator and executive coach specialising in tech and scale-ups.

Peter Hobbs

Senior leadership facilitator specialising in culture change, strategy and change management

Rachel Miller

L&D designer and leadership & human skills facilitator. Specialising in speaking and communication

Dr. David Wilkinson

Editor-in-chief Oxford Review. Lecturer at University of Oxford

Dr. Lyndsey Mahmood

Lecturer in organisational psychology at City University London

Dr. Cinzia Pezzolesi

Leading authority in mental health & workplace wellbeing

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